Hi friends,

I'm Amandah Wood. I'm a wearer of many hats but spend the majority of my time thinking and writing about the future of work, work/life balance, mental health and what it means to do meaningful work. In 2014 I founded the popular interview series Ways We Work, and currently I work as a Culture Specialist for Shopify.

You can find the majority of my work on Ways We Work where I've interviewed over 100 professionals on how they do the work that's meaningful to them and spoken to over 20 teams about culture and process. I also write career-related advice and musings over on Medium from time to time. The rest of my writing can be found right here on this site.

I care deeply about people being enabled to do the work they care about and to live their best possible life. I love to travel and meet new people. I thrive on sharing my experiences openly whenever I can, which sometimes leads to oversharing, but the world could use more transparency. Breakfast foods are my weakness.

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